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The Inspiration Behind “Living the Dream”

During my time in Swaziland, I quickly learned that around each corner was a unique and exciting experience. One day particularly stood out when Swazi TV contacted me to be a guest on their morning show regarding what brought me to the country and to learn more about the HIV campaign documentary I worked on.

CNN heard about the Love Test Campaign we created to encourage couples testing in Swaziland and posted the video I created for the event on their website.  You can watch the video from CNN below.  CNN also mentioned the video on their news ticker in the U.S., Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Swazi TV, Swaziland’s primary news station picked up on the CNN story and invited me to be a guest on their Morning Show.  I arrived at the studio at 6:00AM to prepare for the 15-minute live interview and to meet with Pholile, the host of the show.  Pholile introduced me to the producers and gave me the opportunity to watch the program from the production room, which overlooked the studio.  At 6:30AM I was called into the studio and took a seat in a chair next to Pholile.  The room was painted green and had two massive high definition cameras pointing in our direction.  As the producer made the 10-second countdown, I relaxed back into my chair and took one last drink of water.  I thought to myself, is this really happening?

Throughout my time in Swaziland, I realized my contribution over such a short period of time could impact many lives. Upon returning home I felt led to create an organization that could continue inspiring people in countries around the world. This is how “Living The Dream” began. I am excited to see how this journey will soon impact the lives of others.

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