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Civil War re-enactors fulfilling dreams at Gettysburg for 150th

July 1 2013 marks 150 years since the battle of Gettysburg.

We had the opportunity to see what all the festivities were about that brought over 50,000 people from 20 countries.

Throughout the city you see people dressed in the attire from these times, proudly walking down the streets with umbrellas and tall hats. A couple we met came from New Hampshire and this was their lifetime dream. The battle exceeded their expectations along with all the other festivities planned this week.

Tim McCown, a history teacher who has been participating in reenacments for 30 years said, “we do this to teach people history.” He reenacts every aspect of these times including the way they ate, slept and their meager water rations. He is a history teacher who acts as a confederate but has also acted as a unionist in some of the battles in Geprgia and other states. He has also been filmed in re-enacments for the history channel. He does this job with passion.

Overall, this was a once in a lifetime experience. Thousands of people enduring the heat and ahowcasing how this battle worked is a hostorians dream. We were lucky to experience this.

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