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Teen launches music career after impromptu performance with Michael Bublé

Sam Hollyman, a 17 year old from Stafford, England, is fulfilling his dream by turning his musical talents into a promising career. He became an internet sensation after singing an impromptu duet with Michael Bublé in front of 14,000 fans at a concert in Birmingham after his mom, Paula Hollyman, asked Bublé if her son could sing with him for his 15th birthday.

After Sam got on stage, Bublé sung the first line of Feeling Good then handed the microphone to Sam. He was shocked by Sam’s incredible voice then yelled: “The guy can sing!” before pulling Sam onto the center of the stage to finish the song.

Sam told us “Once I got on stage I had a series of 3 emotions; embarrassment, extreme nervousness, then excitement once I heard Bublé’s reaction to my voice.”

The video has been watched more than four million times on YouTube. Bublé’ even joked: “I’ve got about five years before Sam goes on X Factor and drives my career into the ground.”

Backstage, Bublé’ told Sam that it took him 11 years to get where he is. He said “Go and learn your craft.”

Since then, Sam has launched his own album and turned down an invitation to audition for Simon Cowell’s Britain’s Got Talent. Paula was nervous the show would force him to sign away his career.

Sam just recently appeared on The Voice, two years after singing on stage with Michael Bublé. Ironically, the Voice is rival to Simon Cowell’s Britain’s Got Talent. Sam sang for voice coaches, Tom Jones, Jessie J, and Danny O’Donoghue. Prior to the event, Michael Bublé sent Sam a message wishing him luck.

Although Sam didn’t make it to the next round, Danny and Jessie told him, “Come back next year and we will give you 4 yes’s”. Also Jessie said “Don’t give-up, I was signed at 17 but still didn’t produce anything until I was 23.

Sam’s is at his best when he is singing while playing a musical instrument. Here is a video of Sam singing an Ed Sheeran cover.

Sam started singing when he was 14 years old. His school required him to learn the guitar and he picked it up rather quickly. He soon realized he had a gift and started singing at pubs and local venues. Just 3 years later Sam is being compared to famous artists like Justin Bieber.
He is a perfect example of how anyone can live their dream, as long as you work hard and challenge yourself to get better everyday.
Neal Piper, Living the Dream producer

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