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Sharing the World’s Beauty with Over 1 Million People

Amazing things int the world

Members of the Team – Left to Right: Vinay Singhal, Vinit Yadav, Vijay VJ, Piyush Raj, Saurabh Sah, Olurotimi Abraham, Raman Kumar, Parveen

On April 2012, Vinay Singhal saw a picture of a beautiful building which posted on a Facebook page titled “interesting building.”  He wondered whether there was a page to share the beautiful things in the world, those things that bring positivity and inspiration. He shared the idea with his brother, Parveen, and they made a Facebook page called Amazing Things in the World. That’s how they started!

Getting followers:
After starting the page on April 22, 2012, they already had 100k fans within 2 months. They got incredible feedback from followers telling them how the page helps them get inspired, to travel, to uplift their mood, to tell stories to their children, and to remind themselves about the positive side of society. Today they have a team of 12 running the organization.

The team’s mission is to make followers smile at least once in a day when they see their posts, creating a closer world.

They are launching a website soon which will take their mission to the next level.  Vinay said, “Facebook pages have a lot of benefits, at the same time they have certain limitations. Our website will be serving fans in many ways, but primarily we want to promote world peace and make people smile everyday.”

Everyday challenges:
Managing their page, finding the right content, posting content, engaging with fans and replying to messages every single day takes a lot of time and effort for Vinay and his team.

Last September, their page was unpublished when they had around 450k fans. There was no valid reason from Facebook.  In response, more than 1,200 people signed a petition asking for Facebook to reinstate it.  This made Vinay and Parveen realize how much their fans rely on their posts to bring happiness to their day.

Memorable experience that keeps them going
“Every message we receive inspires us to keep going.” said Vinay. “One of our fans messaged us recently that every single day she wakes up with our page and it makes her day.  When there are 1 million people who look forward to you every single day, you do not need anything else to keep you going!”

Advice to others who are trying to pursue their dream
For Vinay “Living your dream” is the best feeling one can have. It takes a lot of courage to dare to follow your heart and dreams—go do it!

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