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Garrett McNamara Surfs World Record 100ft Wave in Portugal

On Tuesday January 29, 2013, McNamara, a 45-year-old Hawaiian big wave rider, surfed the largest wave ever, estimated at around 100 feet.
Surfing The World's Biggest Wave
That little dot is McNamara.  This incredible photo was taken by surf photographer Tó Mané. 

After riding at over 60mph down the giant crest, he told ABC news: “You are just going so fast it’s really, really similar to snowboarding on giant mountains. And you’re just chattering, flying down this bumpy, bumpy mountain, your brains are being rattled, your whole body is being rattled.”

“Personally, it was very challenging. You just have to stay in the moment, stay focused on what you’re doing. We’re really comfortable here, but some of those waves…” McNamara told

Despite the 45-year-old Hawaiian being much older than most champion surfers, he was the previous world record holder after riding a wave of around 90ft in 2011.Garrett_McNamara_surfer_camera_crew
Garrett talking with media after the ride

Nazare is a deep-water beach, which funnels storm swells that were originally generated in the north Atlantic. The wave developed above an underwater canyon known as the world’s largest wave generator.
SURF-PORTUGAL-MCNAMARAGarrett talking to his wife Nichole.  

He told CNN ” I promised my wife Nichole I wouldn’t surf there, but I didn’t realize where I was.”  He risked being trapped under dozens of feet of water and slamming into the ocean floor. McNamara said “I was relieved to have avoided the rocky coastline.”

Here is footage of his incredible ride:

Sources: CNN and ABC
Images: Getty

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