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“Living the Dream” Trip Around the World

Over the past 5 years, I have been fortunate to see the beauty of 32 countries around the world, both developed and underdeveloped.  Through my journey, I have been able to peel away the layers of complexity that exists in different cultures. From hanging out with a Masai Tribe in Kenya, enjoying Chai Tea with an Egyptian in Cairo, to learning about Rugby from the Maori people in New Zealand, I have learned to appreciate the uniqueness that exists in all of us.

While working/living in Swaziland, Africa for 6 months in 2009, I learned that although each culture is unique, we have a lot more in common than we have differences. Although some of us may be 12,000 miles apart, we are all connected in one way or another. We may have different family, health, financial, political, and religious beliefs, values, or situations, but we are all unified by wanting to live out our short time on earth to our fullest potential.  Maybe that is why many of us strive to move up in an organization, make more money, spend more time with family, try to become healthier, and why many of us make a “Bucket List” of things to do in life before our time here expires.  Regardless of what it is we are trying to accomplish, we all strive to be happy and live a life worthy of being shared with others.

My goal is to encourage individuals in every country in the world to take “Happiness” to the next level!  To help people realize their life dreams through the stories of others.  To me, the definition of “Living the Dream” is: The state of believing that your life is at the pinnacle of everything you could possibly want.  Sounds a bit better than just being happy right?

On Friday, February 11th, I am setting off on an ambitious journey to discover what “Living the Dream” means in every country around the world.  First in India, then Thailand and Cambodia.  Through this enlightening journey, my hope is to have people from all regions of the world to join our online community in order to share their stories through discussions, photos, and videos on what “Living the Dream” means to them.
My overall mission is to inspire people around the world to “Live out their Dream” and as well to fund the dreams of impoverished individuals who have had hardships that have been difficult to overcome.
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Thank you for joining along and for sharing our mission with your friends.  We are coming together to build a happier world!

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