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Martin Noaksson Sails Around the World

Martin Noaksson from Dals-Ed, Sweden decided two years ago to leave his life behind and sail around the world on a 38 ft. sailboat with no prior experience

I met Martin in Ushuaia at the Dublin bar, the most southern Irish pub in the world one day after I arrived back from an Antarctica expedition. When he told me his plans to sail to Antarctica with an attempt of having the 10th Swedish boat of this size to make it there, I was instantly intrigued. The following day I met Martin at the Ushuaia yacht club to learn more about his story.

In 2009, Martin and his friend Andreas, who owns the Nemo of Sweden, started their journey in Gothenburg and sailed around the coast of Europe. Next they sailed down the coast of Africa, across the Atlantic Ocean to Brazil then later made their way south through Uruguay, Argentina and ultimately to Ushuaia, where he and I met, in the southern most city in the world. Tomorrow they are sailing through the Drake Passage for 5 days to Antarctica, a journey only a few brave souls take per year.

When I asked Martin what inspired him to sell everything and sail around the world his response was, “I have a passion for traveling and see the sailboat as just another mode of transportation. Before this trip I’ve taken road trips across the United States, Australia, and Europe, but this time I wanted a new type of experience.“

In Sweden, Martin and Andreas ran a hotel for a couple of years and after both of them went through breakups with their girlfriends, they decided to buy a boat and take off. Martin said “We were both in a state of our lives where the timing was perfect.”

Martin’s most proud achievement of the trip was crossing the Atlantic and arriving into the entrance of Rio de Janeiro. Here he realized, they made it quite far and that he’s a long ways from home. The trip across the Atlantic took 3 months.

After Antarctica, their plan is to refill and restore supplies and go up the west coast of South America to Panama, Colombia then to the Caribbean islands.

Living the dream to Martin means to follow your heart and innermost voice telling you whatever you want to do and not listening to what others say or think you should do. He said, “Some people feel that what I’m doing is fantastic and others think I’m totally crazy. It’s hard sometimes to strip away everything from outside and do what you actually want to do in life. The key is to find that voice and not take life too seriously.”

To follow Martin and Andreas’s journey, visit their blog at

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